As a Sell-Side firm you require a proven, reliable order and execution management system with the flexibility to adapt to an ever changing environment. Silexx OEMS empowers you to manage the full life-cycle of your client orders from cradle to grave, in a single, fully integrated platform.

Order Management

Provide your trading desk the tools necessary to manage large scale orders, access liquidity capture and alpha yielding algorithms and direct market access via our extensive, broker neutral routing network.
  • Broker-Neutral Routing Network
  • Equity & Option Algorithms
  • Basket Trading
  • Dynamic Hedging
  • Aggregation Unit Order Marking
  • Order Staging


Effortlessly manage thousand of positions through our multi-asset class and multi-currency portfolio modules, assess market risk impact and monitor day-to-day P&L.
  • Multi-Asset Class
  • Multi-Currency
  • Dynamic Hedging
  • Risk & Sector Analysis
  • P&L Reporting & Greek decomposition

Trader and Manager Views

Leverage our regulatory and compliance expertise and utilize our customizable reporting framework.
  • TAG 606
  • SEC 15c-3
  • Customizable Reports

Trade Efficiently

A streamlined workflow is paramount to keep pace with today's rapidly moving markets. SILEXX OEMS has an optimized and battle tested interface to ensure you always stay ahead of the curve.
  • Customizable Layouts
  • Module Linkage Functionality
  • Multi-Asset Class Order Tickets
  • Hotkeys
  • Strategy based Complex Order Tickets
  • Single-click trading


An intuitive and modular design allows you to customize your SILEXX OEMS to meet all your workflow requirements as a buy-side trader.
  • Multi-monitor Support
  • Custom, savable data grid layouts
  • Transferable system layouts
  • Cross-Module order management

Portfolio Management

Flexible and performant architecture, capable of real-time P&L tracking and risk analysis for thousands of positions in multiple asset classes, currency conversions, greek analysis and dynamic grouping.
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Measure Market Impact
  • Volatility Analysis
  • Drill-Down intelligence (grouping, sector analysis, P&L Greek decomposition)
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