SILEXX OEMS Release Notes v1.5.4


  • General
    • Clone Windows
    • Favorites
  • Portfolio
    • Linking


  • Updated Icons for Linking and the new Clone/Favorites menu
Complex Order Ticket
  • Default Time in Force added to Complex Order Settings
Crossing Ticket
  • Drag and dropping an option into a Crossing Ticket changes the Underlying/Series
  • Default Visible Strikes setting available in Crossing Ticket Settings
  • Earnings and Dividends icon will no longer appear if the first column shows a numerical summary
Risk Radar X
  • Added Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta columns to individual contract level Column Chooser for net greeks and (Contr.) for per contract greeks
Option Chain
  • 80, 90, 100, 150, 200 added to the show Visible Strikes list at the top
  • Linking behavior changed. Example:
    • An Option Chain on blue channel and a ticket on blue channel will populate the blue linked ticket on bid/offer clicks
    • When an Option Chain is on blue channel but no linked Order Ticket is on the blue channel, a new ticket will be opened when the bid/offer is clicked
    • "Link to Option Chain" will keep working so a ticket can react to clicks from any Option Chain regardless of color channel
  • Crossing Ticket Stock Order Entry Tickets available from the right-click menu with the following choices:
    • Facilitation
    • Solicitation
    • Customer Match
    • PIM
    • QCC
    • Spread Facilitation
    • Spread Solicitation
    • Spread Customer Match
    • Spread PIM
    • Spread QCC
    • Spread w/Stock Facilitation
    • Spread w/Stock Solicitation
    • Spread w/Stock Customer Match
    • Spread w/Stock PIM
    • Spread w/Stock QCC
    • QCC w/Stock Strategy
    • Reversal
    • Conversion


Clone Window

Many modules can be cloned using a new menu in the top right corner of their window.
This menu contains Clone, Favorites and a shortcut to the online manual for that module.
Clone copies the layout of the source module into a new module.


Module layouts can now be saved across computer installations using the new menu in the top right.
Once a module layout is saved to Favorites, it can be reopened from the Favorites menu located on the main window menu bar.
The Favorites menu is available across computers, allowing a Favorite from a workstation to be loaded at home.



The Portfolio module can be linked with other modules using the color channel picker in the upper right corner.
Modules linked on a color channel will update each other when certain actions are performed.
For example, linking the Portfolio to a Depth Ticket and clicking on a position in the Portfolio will populate the Depth Ticket with that position's symbol (see video).