SILEXX OEMS Release Notes v1.5.2


  • Layout
    • Layout Templates
  • Depth Ticket
    • Color Palettes
  • General
    • Hotkeys Revamped
    • Hot Buttons
    • Hot Tracking
  • Complex Order Ticket
    • Stock & Option Pricing View


  • File Config is now called File Layout
Position Analyzer
  • Improvements to how the Theta graph is rendered
Order Book
  • Strike Column Added
  • Drag and Drop added from Order Book to Depth Ticket
  • Cancel Selected Orders added to right-click menu
Crossing Ticket
  • Stock Tied Pricing Mode added.
Option Chain
  • Impovements to click handling in the Option Chain
  • Delta Neutral added as a strategy in the Option Chain
  • Password Security Requirements have been increased
  • Search bar added to Column Chooser
Complex Order Ticket
  • Modify button is now purple when available
  • Improvements have been made to named strategy recognition
  • "@" changed to "for" when the order is a debit


Hotkeys Revamped

Hotkeys have been improved with more options and an intuitive configuration window. The Hotkey Settings are accessible in File-->Settings-->Hotkeys

Hot Buttons

Hot Buttons are available in an optional panel in the Depth Ticket and are created when Hot Keys are named. After creating a hotkey and selecting a name, it will appear in the Hot Buttons configuration window.

Hot Tracking

Hot Tracking lightly highlights the row your cursor is hovering over to make it easier to see information in a row without selecting it


Default Layouts

The first time SILEXX OEMS is opened, a window will appear with a selection of premade layouts to choose from. These layouts include common settings and modules for setting up the platform for the first time and act as a good jumping off point for building your own custom layout. Additionally, you can select a default layout anytime via File -> Layouts -> Layout Templates

Complex Order Ticket & Crossing Ticket

Stock & Option Pricing View

Lock buttons for the Time in Force, Quantity, Price, and Type are now available on the Order Ticket and Depth Ticket. When these buttons are active, their associated input fields will not change when the the symbol is changed.