SILEXX OEMS Release Notes v1.4.2


  • Notifications Center
  • Portfolio
    • "% Change from Cost Basis" column added

Fixes/Additional Enhancements:

Complex Order Ticket
  • Fixed an issue whereby selecting not available option strikes would cause locked quantity ratios to unlock and change.
  • Updated the taskbar window description to show more order description details.
Hot Keys
  • Added ability to set an ALGO route as a Hot Key route.
  • Resolved an issue where the TIF could not be set to anything other than DAY.
  • Resolved an issue where a window's location would not properly save if it was located behind the main Windows task bar.

Notifications Center

A new notifications area has been added which displays real-time order status updates. This window can be placed anywhere on your desktop and will always remain on top of all other windows.

Status Short Code Definitions:

[ACK] Order acknowledged
[CXL] Order canceled
[FILL] Order filled.
Buy order - Green text and upwards arrow
Sell order - Red text and downward arrow
[PART FILL] Order partially filled with the total fill quantity/original order quantity and average fill price displayed.
[REJ] Order rejected
[RPLC] Order replaced

Additional Settings:

In the notifications settings menu (FILE > SETTINGS > NOTIFICATIONS) you can control the following:

  • Maximum number of notification blocks to display
  • Notification timeout
  • Notification display order (top to bottom or bottom to top)
  • Types of notifications to display
  • Types of audible notifications


Last Trade Date

The Last Trade Date column displays the last date the options or futures contract can be traded.

% Change from Cost Basis

The % Change from Cost Basis column displays the position's percent change on the day from the opening cost basis based on current marked price.