SILEXX OEMS Release Notes v1.4.0


  • Complex Order Ticket
    • Stock and Option Pricing view added
    • Right-click option to open a leg in other order tickets added
  • Portfolio and Quote Board
    • Quick layouts and layout saving added
  • Market Clock Added

Fixes and Improvements:

Order Parameters
  • Resolved the issue where order parameters were not loading on existing orders.
Complex Order Ticket
  • Resolved an issue where the Expiration month field would not register if selected via keyboard keystrokes.
Portfolio Order Closing
  • Modified the route logic such that if a default route destination is not available when closing orders through the right click menu in Portfolio, a route destination selection menu will pop up rather than an automatic order reject occurring.

Complex Order Ticket

Stock and Option Pricing View

The stock and option pricing view allows you to input specific stock and net option price for stock tied option orders. The order is sent with a net price calculated form the price inputs.

The pricing view can be enabled as the default view when stock/option combinations are entered into the Complex Order Ticket. Turn on the default in the File > Settings > Complex Order Ticket menu:

Open individual legs in other order tickets

Right click any leg in the complex order ticket to open a menu that allows you open that leg in any other order ticket.

Portfolio and Quote Board

Quick Layouts

Pre-designed Quick Layouts have been added to the Portfolio and Quote Board modules. Right-click anywhere in the main grid area to access the Quick Layout selection menu.

You may also save custom layouts by selecting "Save current layout as..."

Default layouts can be set in the File > Settings menu as follows:

Market Clock

The market clock is located in the lower right corner of the main module. It is fixed on Eastern time and displays a countdown timer to the open and closing bell for regular U.S. market hours.

The opening and closing bell sound can be toggled on/off in the Global Settings menu (File > Settings > Global Settings).