SILEXX OEMS Release Notes v1.3.2


  • Option Chain
    • Mini and Weekly option filters added
  • Trade Activity
    • Activity Summary section added (order aggregation)
    • New columns added
    • Auto Filter Row added
    • Settings consolidated into a menu
    • Right-click menu added
  • Order Book
    • Aggregated Trade View added
  • Portfolio
    • Number of days to expiration added to Expiration summary line


  • Option Chain expanded groupings are now saved upon re-launch.
  • Trade Activity auto scroll feature now works when sorting by Time.

Option Chain

Mini and Weekly Option Filter

Right-click in the option montage

Left-click "Show Minis / Show Weeklys" to toggle on/off the visibility of mini and weekly options.

Trade Activity

Activity Summary, new columns and filtering row added

Activity Summary

The Trade activity module can now be split into two sections. The upper section displays complete trade activity; the lower section displays an aggregate summary for each security.

Right-click and select "Show Activity Summary" to show/hide the Activity Summary section.

New Columns Added

  • Clearing Account
  • CMTA
  • Exchange
  • ExecID
  • Give Up
  • Liq. Flag - Liquidity Flag
  • O/C - Open / Close
  • Range
  • Underlying

Auto Filter Row Added

Type search criteria in the Auto Filter Row to filter the grid based on the entered text.

Settings Consolidated

Settings for the Trade Activity module have been consolidated into the right-click menu and the gear icon located in the upper right corner of the module.

Order Book

Trade View Window Added

Right-click on a filled order and select "View Trades"

Note: this is not available for dropped trades.

The trade view window displays all fill information for the select order.

Bunching the fills aggregates fill quantities based on price level.


Number of Days to Expiration Added

When grouping by "Expiration", the number of days to expiration now displays on the expiration month's summary line.