SILEXX OEMS Release Notes v1.2.1

  • Charts
    • Quick Symbol Entry
  • Complex Order Ticket
    • Ratio Lock/Unlock
  • UI (User Interface) Enhancements
    • Window Linking System Enhanced
    • Symbol Lookup
    • Windows Taskbar Tabbed View

Charts: Quick Symbol Entry

When a chart window is open and in focus (click to put into focus) you can now simply type a ticker symbol and the symbol field will automatically start filling in (without having to specifically click the symbol field). Hit enter on the keyboard to activate the ticker typed.

This allows for quicker cycling through symbols on the chart.

Complex Order Ticket: Ratio Lock/Unlock

Ratio locking is now enabled by default. When you change the quantity of one leg, the other legs will update according to the displayed ratio.

Click the ratio values to unlock. This allows you to change the quantities independently, thereby changing the ratio. Click again to re-lock.

UI Enhancements

Window Linking System Enhanced

Windows can now be grouped using color grouping designations.

How to link windows:

  1. Click the circle icon in the upper left of a window that allows linking.
  2. Select a color code to associate with that window.
  3. Windows with the same color code are linked.

Changing the tinker in one of the windows of a linked group will change the ticker for all windows in that group.

To unlink a window, click the link color code button and select "Unlink".

In the example below, a Chart and a Depth Ticket have been linked with a red color code link.

Symbol Lookup Added

Windows Task Bar Settings

A setting has been added that allows you to group SILEXX OEMS windows in your Windows taskbar as either a single icon or tabbed icons.

(Requires a restart of SILEXX OEMS to take effect)