SILEXX OEMS Release Notes v1.1.0

Risk Radar X Released

Risk Radar X is a powerful risk management module that replaces your current Risk Radar. It contains the same functionality as the original Risk Radar and adds a great deal more metrics for you to evaluate your risk.

Risk Radar X features:

Order Book - Multiple Order Average Price Calculations Added

You can view an average price calculation for selected ranges of orders on your order book.

  1. Select multiple orders using Shift+Click or CTRL+Click (or both) to highlight multiple orders in the "Filled" order section (lower section) of the Order Book.
  2. A new section below the "Filled" orders section will appear that shows the average fill prices for the orders you selected. The orders are grouped by the Symbol.

Fixes and Additions

  • Basket Trader
    • Added "Underlying" Column
  • Charts
    • Fixed issue with $DJI price history not showing
  • Depth Ticket
    • A Market order will now be tagged as a Limit order if any price quote field is clicked in the ticket.
  • Option chain
    • Added columns showing Theo and Mark differential - "cTheoEdge", "pTheoEdge"
    • Added columns showing Bid / Ask spread differential - "cBASprd", "pBASprd"
    • Right-click menu put spreads now populate the strike prices correctly
  • Order Book
    • The legs of a MLEG order will now export correctly
    • Fixed issue where the price field for special penny pilot options defaulted to nickel increments vs. pennies above $3
  • Portfolio
    • Added "%Change" column
    • Added "Linear Decay" column
  • Position Analyzer
    • Added a "Clear All" menu item to the right-click menu
  • Quote Board
    • Added a control in the Settings Menu to turn on/off the order ticket pop-up when clicking a price quote
    • Added control in the Settings Menu that sets the default order ticket pop-up type
  • Spread Maker
    • Window position, account, and symbols now save when the Spread Maker is open upon exiting SILEXX OEMS.
  • General Platform
    • Changed the default open location of new order tickets to the center of the screen.
    • Added a "Previous Close" column to various modules.