SILEXX OEMS Release Notes v1.0.6

New Trading Module: Basket Trader

The Basket Trader allows you to create and save lists of orders that can be traded at your convenience.

Here are some possible ways to utilize the Basket Trader:
  • Compile an order "queue" and send when the timing is right
  • Create an order basket in off trading hours; load and send when the market opens
  • Organize your basket by account number and fire off order "blocks" on an account-by-account basis
  • Save strategy templates that can be quickly accessed, modified, and sent

...and many more creative uses

For more information on how to use the Basket Trader please refer to the Basket Trader Manual or click the help icon in the module.

Launch the Basket Trader through the Module menu on the main SILEXX OEMS screen:

The Basket Trader is one of the most versatile order entry tools in SILEXX OEMS and is available only on the Pro version. Click the Upgrade Now! button in SILEXX OEMS to gain access to the Basket Trader.

New Manuals Added

Alerts, Basket Trader, and Column Customization manuals are available here

Last active tab saved between sessions

When you exit SILEXX OEMS, the last active tab you were viewing is now saved and will be active the next time you login.