SILEXX OEMS Release Notes v1.0.5

Working Orders Display in the Depth Ticket

Orders that are being worked are now visually represented on the Depth Ticket.

Information on the working order line includes: Exchange the order is working on, order Price, and fill quantity indicator.

Tip: Modifying the Price and Quantity fields (cancel/replace) from the Order Book will update the prices on the Depth Ticket working order(s) prices.

Canceling working orders in the Depth Ticket

  1. Click the X to the right of the exchange name on the working order line
  2. Right-click the working order on the Depth Ticket to bring up a Cancel menu

    Cancel Order Cancels just the order that was right-clicked
    Cancel ALL Buy Orders Cancels all buy orders for the security on the active Depth Ticket
    Cancel ALL Sell/SellShort Orders Cancels all buy orders for the security on the active Depth Ticket
    Cancel ALL Orders Cancel every working order for the security on the active Depth Ticket

Depth Ticket - Stop and Stop Limit Orders Added

Order Tickets (all) - Color Coded Status Bar

The order status bar at the bottom of each order ticket (Depth Ticket shown here for example purposes) shows a greater amount of detail for the order and is now color coded for easier visual reference when a trade ins Filled, Rejected, Canceled, etc.

New Option Pricing Model Setting

A new option pricing setting, which sets the amount of days to use for option theoretical price calculations, has been added to the Option Pricing menu.

Delta Hedging Module

  1. Uncheck All / Check All options added for position selection

    Right-click anywhere in the module to access the Check/Uncheck all menu

  2. Order routing option added

    You can now select the order route on the Delta Hedging module.

    Click the route name and select from the drop-down menu