SILEXX OEMS Release Notes v1.0.3

Volatility Skew module added

SILEXX OEMS now allows you to graphically view option chain implied volatility skews. Furthermore you can adjust and apply your own volatility skews for individual strikes, full expiration months, and even entire option chains. The Volatility Skew module allows you to easily make volatility adjustments on the fly and quickly apply it to your entire portfolio.

Click the button located in the module for more detailed information.

Manuals for Order Ticket, Depth Ticket, Book Trader, Complex Order Ticket and Volatility Skew

We have started writing manuals for all our modules and just released the first set. All modules that have a manual, will show the in the upper right corner. You can click the icon to open the manual

Launch the Position Analyzer from the Complex Order Ticket

Open a Position Analyzer window directly from the Complex Order Ticket. Click the gear icon and select Open in Position Analyzer.

Confirm Order Toggle added to Order Book

Checking the box next to Confirm Order Modify will always display an order confirmation window when sending an order modification request through the Order Book.

Order Confirmation mandatory in Portfolio

An Order Confirmation window will always display when sending an order through the Portfolio right-click menu. This will prevent accidental order requests from being sent.

Reserve default controls added

The Order Ticket and Depth Ticket default settings now include a field to set the default quantity for reserve levels.

Multipliers save on open tickets

The Multiplier value on the Book Trader and Depth Ticket will save on open tickets between program restarts.

Multileg (MLEG) Order controls and summary added on Order Book

Right-click a leg in a MLEG order on the order book to launch the leg in a Order Ticket, Depth Ticket, or Book Trader.

Left-clicking to highlight a leg of a MLEG order will display position summary calculation at the bottom of the Order Book.