SILEXX OEMS Release Notes v1.0.2

Depth Ticket "Locate" field added

Added to the Depth Ticket window is a "Locate" checkbox and text field for hard to borrow Sell Short orders. To active the locate field for hard to borrow stock, click the Number Pad icon at the top of the Depth Ticket window. The "Locate" field will be visible in the lower right next to "Px Increment". Check the box to activate and type in your approved code.

Trade Activity module now loads all trades for the day

The Trade Activity module will now load all trading activity for the day regardless of login time. This replaces the previous functionality that would post only that trading activity done after logging into SILEXX OEMS.

Front-month expiration graph added to Position Analyzer

The Position Analyzer now includes a risk graph of front-month expiring options. Selecting the "Expiration (Front Month)" check box will plot the risk graph of the front month expiring options in red (if a diagonal position is being analyzed). This line shows the position risk post-expiration of the front month options.

Front and back month positions can be analyzed individually in the "Month" selection box. Select "All" to plot the composite risk.