Column Customization

Many modules within SILEXX OEMS present data in a spreadsheet format. As with most spreadsheets, the data displayed can be customized and saved.

In this section we will cover how to:

Adding Columns to a Module

Each module that contains spreadsheet data has a specific set of columns associated with the data.

Not all columns are displayed by default.

Right-click any column header and select Column Chooser to launch a column customization window.

A customization window, similar to the one at left, will appear.

Double left-click a column title to automatically place it on the module


Left-click and drag the title to a specific location on the header bar

Arrows indicate where the new column will be placed in relation to the other columns.

An X will appear on the title as you drag it when it is over an area in which it cannot be dropped.

Tip: This feature is also a way to remove a column from the spreadsheet. Simply drag the column downward into the spreadsheet until you see the X and release the mouse button

Re-ordering the Columns

Column order can be changed through clicking and dragging to the desired location on the header bar.

Re-sizing Columns

Manual Resizing

Cells with data that is truncated due to the column width are indicted with a "..." at the end of the visible text.

  1. Hover your mouse pointer on the divider bar between column headers until the pointer becomes a double arrow.
  2. Left-click and drag to re-size the column to the left of the double arrow.

Auto Resizing

The header bar right-click menu provides options for automatically resizing columns based on the width of the data that is in the cells of the column.

Best Fit Re-size a single column (column clicked) based on the widest text in the column.
Best Fit (all columns) Re-size all displayed columns based on the widest text in each respective column.

Simple Sorting

Left-click any column header to sort the entire spreadsheet in ascending or descending order based on the data in the selected column.

Columns that have sorting enabled will have either an up arrow (ascending) or down arrow (descending) next to the column name.


Data on the spreadsheet is sorting in ascending order (a-z) based on the underlying Symbol
Data on the spreadsheet is sorting in descending order (z-a) based on the underlying Symbol

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