Full Feature List

Order Ticket
Our Standard Order Ticket control is the quick and easy way to interface with the market.
Depth Ticket
The Depth Ticket control builds upon the Order Ticket control and allows you to view full Level 2/Regional quotes in addition to Level 1 data and optionally displays Time & Sales data.
Book Trader
The Book Trader is an advanced ladder based order entry ticket that displays prices vertically and lets you place/replace/cancel orders with the click of a mouse button.
Complex Orders (Multi-Leg)
Trade exchange supported multi-leg option trades; Condors, Butterflies, Time Spreads, Straddles, Strangles, Ratio Spreads, Buy-Writes and more.
Spread Maker
Bid and offer with the market makers, while working your own spread. Proprietary spread system allows for trading two option or two stock orders simultaneously on multiple exchanges.
"Hotkeys" are selected keys on the keyboard (user defined), to enter different trading actions (buy, sell, route execution, trade volume, and more)
Delta Hedging
Easily monitor your current or post-ex deltas and submit orders to hedge your delta risk.
Advanced Charting
Real-time, robust, and customizable charting system. Includes a multitude of analysis tools and market indicators.
Option Chain
Robust and fully customizable option chain. Time & sales with implied volatility, design custom layouts, launch order tickets, detailed Greeks, position information, and much more.
Option Chain Quick Layouts
Monitor options your way. Simply drag-n-drop the columns and design your own option layouts and save them. All Greeks, implied volatilities, positions, reversals, conversions, and more.
Option Time & Sales
View all option trades for a single underlying - filter and sort by exchange, implied volatility, price, volume, strikes, expiration and more.
Quote Board
Powerful and simple layouts for options, stocks, indices, and futures. Launch order tickets quickly right from the quote board.
Time & Sales
Customizable time & sales for stock, options, ETFs, futures - filter for price, volume, exchange, bid, ask, and more.
Position Analyzer
Real-time and customized graphical representation of a position. Monitor and adjust P&L, Deltas, Gamma, Vega, Theta, and Rho. Adjust position size, time, volatility, and price.
Volatility Skew
Graph and modify the volatility skew curve/smile for option series and override implied volatilities with your own volatility estimates
Risk Radar
Powerful Risk Management System. Real-time P&L and option Greeks. Extreme Risk impacts. Adjust time, volatility, and interest. Monitor individual or group accounts.
Earnings & Dividends
Up-to-date Earnings and Dividend information. Filter for symbols, dividend amounts, dates, and more.
Option Calculator
Perfect for pricing FLEX options- adjust pricing model, exercise style, date and more. Provides implied volatility and Greeks.
Order Audit Trails
Detailed information about any order, including exchange, routes, order id, time, order handling. Fast and accurate way to track down trade information.
Historical Trade Reports
Download, view, export to Excel detailed information about any and every trade. Look at a single day, week, month or year. Statistical information includes net volume of options, stock, and futures.
Audio Notifications
Audio notifications alert you to fills, cancels, price changes and more. Ability to mute or change audio files to customize audio notifications.
Audio and/or pop-ups inform the trader of price action changes of the bid, ask, or last. Re-arm increments or percent changes.
Imbalance Indicators
Large sell or buy orders at the close? Obsidian Imbalance Indicators lets you know where the order flow is.
Powerful Filtering & Sorting
Most of the modules in Obsidian allow you to sort and filter the data they display, so you can focus on what's important.
Excel Export
Obsidian allows you to export data to excel, be it your order history for the day, your Portfolio, an Option Chain, whatever it is, with the click of a button you can export the data you want to Excel.